My relationship with comfort

It’s a simple relationship I have with it. I am not a huge fan of comfort.
It’s a love-hate relationship, it’s not complicated, it’s just weird.

To give you an idea of what this might look like, let’s just say I moved into my first apartment, which I lived in for one year, without a bed.
I wasn’t planning on getting one either. I lived there for a year without a bed, and I enjoyed that.
Okay, see you may blame it on me being broke, that I couldn’t afford a bed, or on the fact that I’d had no tools to put it together. Whatever the case may be, the apartment came pre-furnished.

“I requested it to be removed upon arrival.”

This is the book that got me started on my journey towards embracing the uncomfortable. A biography by David Goggins, a former 300-pound exterminator who became a navy seal and a professional ultra-marathon runner.
The biggest takeaway I got from his book can’t hurt me, was the fact, that whatever you do or don’t do, that’s your choice — an invaluable life lesson.

David Goggins — Can’t hurt me

Now, I do have a sofa of some sort in my current apartment, whenever I have friends over I do give them the bed and gladly sleep on the floor.
For me, whenever that happens, I sleep like a champion.

Now that you have a slight idea of what my relationship with comfort looks like, let me elaborate on why I chose to do the things I’ve done.

Something I am a big fan of is the principle of:

“What can you do today to win against your future self?” ~ someone, sometime

I talk a lot more about it in this and this previous post.

I wanted to become more rigid, more comfortable with the comfortability of life, hence I removed the already present bed right at the start. I wasn’t going to simply throw it out a few months into living in that apartment.
Sure I’m crazy but that’s just dumb.

Now, why did I tell you this? Well, you may face similar situations in your current situation. You may not necessarily face the exact situation I was in, but that’s okay.

You may spend too much time on social media day in, day out, which you don’t necessarily want but it just “happens”.
You may have been overeating for the last few months, years, or decades, which you don’t like but that’s your reality. You may face a problem that simply feels like it’s out of your control. You may think, that’s life, you’re meant to be like that. You may feel stuck.

If that is you? Let me tell you this.
You’re not stuck. You choose to stay stuck, be that consciously or not — doesn’t matter. If you don’t do anything about it, it’s your own fault.
I tell you this not to blame you but to open up your mind to the new possibilities.
You don’t have to believe that something’s out of your control when you could in fact change it, take action, and take control.

Ask yourself this one thing:

“What can you do today to win against your future self?”

What can you do right now to prevent further mishaps? Can you throw out all fast-food right now? Can you shut down your phone and put it somewhere out of sight?



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Robert Bornschein

The reason I am on medium is to help and share what I’ve learned. Sometimes it’s necessary to tell harsh truths, wether you want to hear them or not.